B. A. B. H. A. B.

Crushing it USA Style

THE American CBD company created and operated by a USMC Veteran. For those who can't help but own the day.

Be A Brother, Help A Brother aka Bahbab

Spread the good word and help others
crush not just their recovery but their life.

How The Program Works

Step 1: Signup
Step 2: Reach out to anyone you think would be better off knowing about Brothers N Arms
Step 3: They get $20 off their first order, & you get $20 when they make their first order

What's different about Brothers N Arms?

It's Easy To Get Started

All it takes is 3 simple steps to get going with the Be a Brother, Help a Brother program and put $20 in your pocket.

Products Designed For Performance

Breakthrough formulas that are designed and tested thoroughly to get the body to peak condition regardless of the torture you put it through

Help Those In Need

This program is designed solely with the purpose of serving the millions of men and women who serve or have served the US of A.

The BNA Code Of Honor

We are Brothers N Arms

We believe that every member of society has a right to not just health and wellness but to thrive, and once you understand the power of CBD your life can begin to truly change for the better.

Being part of the BNA Brotherhood means a commitment to a better life, living with greater satisfaction, health and well-being. We can reclaim personal power, distancing ourselves from addictive opioids and other destructive prescription meds. We can rediscover balance, returning to a better version of ourselves.

Our company was founded by USMC Veteran Eduardo Cardoso who found out first hand the life changing power of CBD. He has extensive knowledge and experience with its transformative potential. And he transferred that knowledge to the rest of us here at Brothers N Arms.

We are brothers in every sense of the word. From our origins all the way down to our commitment to transform the lives of those who serve us.

We are brothers with our providers, customers and anyone looking to better their quality of life. Our tool for doing that is CBD.

Healthy living is a journey, and it is our honor and our duty to serve those who serve us, by providing them with premium hemp derived CBD.

We are Brothers N Arms.

We are here to serve those who serve us.

You shouldn’t have to choose between owning the day and a fast recovery.

- Eduardo Cardoso (BNA CEO & Founder)

It’s time to make a choice!

Join The Brotherhood, make an impact, and get some dough for doing it.