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The SEarch for the next Brothers N Arms Ranking General

The goal of Brothers N Arms has been, and will always be, to help as many people as possible reach peak performance in their lives. With the Ranking General search we're looking for more than just a veteran or a large social media following.

We are searching for people that truly help others and set great examples of what it means to max out your life. It's about bringing up those around you, inspiring your followers towards bigger and better things, and leading a life of growth and impact.

We are selecting 10 Brand Ambassadors who will each receive sponsored Ranking General contracts!

Those chosen few will join THE supplement brand that is changing the industry. This is your chance to show us what you've got.

This is your chance to show us who you are.

This is your chance to become a Brothers N Arms Ranking General.

Looking to be the next big thing?

A Chance To Earn Thousands

You'll get the opportunity to earn big commissions on referrals, and get free supplements & swag each month.

Signed Brothers N Arms Ranking General Contract

You'll be representing Brothers N Arms - Americas CBD, with a 1 year contract as a Sponsored Brothers N Arms Ranking General.

Become The Face Of The Brand

This program is designed solely with the purpose of serving the millions of men and women who serve or have served the US of A.

What it means to become a Brothers N Arms Ranking General

We're on the hunt, and looking to fulfill your dream of becoming a sponsored athlete for the premier veteran owned CBD supplement company. Putting you in a great position to inspire, motivate, and lead your followers one step closer to crushing life.

Brothers N Arms is a brand designed for elite performers and athletes. Far too many people in our industry seem to have forgotten what it means to be a high performer. People get judged based on the size of their social media following, how big their biceps are, or even what they claim to have accomplished.

The truth is their is a lot more to being an athlete, and a General. A true General inspires his or her followers to live a life they thought not even possible.

They are real people, with real jobs, and they put in the fu*$ing work. They might not have the perfect genetics or come from a silver spoon background. But they all have one thing in common. When it comes down getting the job done there's only one option...getting after it.

THIS is what being a General and an athlete means.

We're definitely different from other supplement companies. We don't follow the cookie cutter approach to doing things. We are who we are, and being a General and a leader of The Brotherhood means being you, always, and without fail.

We are here to lead. We are here to inspire. And we are here to show what it means to crush life.

We could care less if you have 50 million followers or 50. It doesn't matter how you serve. What matters is that you are someone who can inspire change, and lead your followers towards living their best life.

All we ask of you is to represent Brothers N Arms in the most genuine and authentic way possible. That's going to be different for each person, but the goal should be the same. Inspire change. A true Brothers N Arms General is a leader in all areas of their life. Show us through your actions what you're about, who you are, and what you're doing to max out your potential. Show us how you're able to inspire your followers. A true General leads with inspiration, not fear. It comes down to the size of your heart, not your pecs.

At Brothers N Arms we pick people who are the best match for our values and what we stand for. Your principles are closely aligned with our BNA Code of Honor. We choose people who actually believe in our products and understand the transformative power behind them. BNA's foundation is built around our community of Brothers who believe in inspiring change in others, and we're only as strong as they are.

By signing up you commit to being a General in every sense of the word. From your actions all the way down to your commitment to transform the lives of those around you.

Every Ranked General and athlete we sign starts right where you submitting the form below!

What to do next...

  • Sign up by hitting "Sign up Today" and completing the entry form.
  • Follow Brothers N Arms on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.
  • Engage, interact, participate with our pages and our followers. We are building a movement and we want you to be a part of it and really get what it means to be part of Brothers N Arms.
  • Start your own social media campaign and show us that you represent the same values that we stand for. Make sure to use the hashtags #iambrothersnarms, #wearebna, #americascbd, #brothersnarms, #brotherhoodgeneral, #bnabrotherhood and #getafterit throughout your campaign so we can find you!
  • Last but not least, we like actions more than we like words. SHOW US you live this lifestyle by making creative videos … anyone can fake it through photoshop, but we feel you can really get to know someone and what they stand for through social with quality videos.

Tell us who you are and what you're about

Together we're going to redefine what it means to be in the fitness and health industries. Show us all you've got. Hitting the gym? Post it. Repping some CBD oil in your morning coffee? Show us. Or even if you're sneaking some BNA swag under your suit. Show us! If you're more skilled at making videos or think your personality will come off better that way then go for it. We want you to be you.

don't forget to use all of the Brothers N Arms Hashtags like #iambrothersnarms, #wearebna, #americascbd, #brothersnarms, #brotherhoodgeneral, #bnabrotherhood and #getafterit so we can see what you post.

Right now is your chance to say you're an influencer and actually be proud to say it unlike most of the garbage that's out there. It's your time to show us truly how badass you are!

And don't forget to interact with us across social media so we can personally talk to each of you.


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