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The Gau 17-Mini Stick has been designed for anyone who is on the go and needs quick relief in any situation. Pain and discomfort can come in a variety of shapes and forms but with our proprietary blend of all organic products. We have your back. 

We called it the Gau 17-mini stick because it packs a punch when it comes to dealing with pain. This is meant for people who are on the constant go. Throw this in your gym bag, glove box, travel bag, etc. and you're guaranteed to have a faster recovery and feel immediate relief.


Like our other topical products, this salve is earthy with a woody smell in scent and slightly warming to the touch. For optimal results, apply after a warm bath or shower.

When formulating our products, we choose to use natural ingredients (whole herbs, flowers, roots, and berries) rather than artificial ingredients. Our products are cruelty-free, made from scratch, with our customers in mind. 


We recommend you apply to the affected area as needed. All of the ingredients are organic and natural so there shouldn't be any concern with over application. 

CBD Content 500mg: Approx 99.95% | THC Content Approx: < 0.05%* | CBD to THC: THC too low to detect

Dosing Units:

500 mg in .5oz (14g)

Total Doses: 30 days of Servings depending on use 500 mg topical per (1g)

Does CBD Actually Work?

You're damn straight it does! While we do not suggest or advise you to quit your pain medication the second you buy CBD, CBD does offer many of the same effects as common prescription medication  to kick  pain and anxiety's ass! 

CBD is a common tool many people use to help themselves wean off of pain medication. Join the movement!

CBD Origin: Colorado

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